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Hayfield Circuit

Hayfield Circuit, Hayfield

Distance:15 miles (24.2km)
Location:Sett Valley Trail, Hayfield

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From the far end of the car park join the Sett Valley Trail for 1/2 mile to t€he first tarmac road and turn left up to the junction and right for 200 yards then taking the obvious steep road on the left.

Follow this up until it degenerates into a rough track past Moor Lodge and then levels off. A few hundred yards further on there is a crossroad of tracks, take the left and follow it up through 3 gates and a steep climb to join a flat track across the hillside near the summit ridge.

Turn left and enjoy the single track between walls for 1/2mile until you emerge into a large open area where you take the right fork dipping down then up and then between two walls to a gate.

Descend through 2 more gates into someones front garden - Hills Farm! (Please walk through). Then a fast loose descent leads in a mile to a metal gate.

Go straight on to the main road making a left and almost immediately a right up a track to a junction. Go straight across through a small gate and follow the track through two gates. After the second gate descend the increasingly rocky track until joining the narrow tarmac road, turn right and drop down to a gate.

Climb painfully up the road, past Coldwell Clough, and then straight on up the obvious track through a gate, still painful but now loose too. Thankfully reach another gate. Climb more easily up the grassy track that eventually eases and reaches another gate. Through this gate look for a small agte on your left in 100 yards.

Through this gate follow the faint track slightly up and round across the hillside with Kinderlow End on your right until reaching an obvious gate - Broad Clough. Through it and then turn left down next to a wall and down to a small gate between 2 walls. The obvious track cuts left across the hillside and gets faster and fater with plenty to test your reactions. Dropping down to a wood and joining a rocky track you will arrive very quickly at a large and small gate at a road. Straight across between 2 walls leads steeply down and over a footbridge below the dam and you reach the dam access road - Kinder Reservoir.

A narrow walled, cobbled bridleway on the right is then followed very steeply until soon after it levels off a track doubles back left next to a wall. Follow this, part riding part pushing, to reach a junction of tracks on open moorland near white shooting huts. Take the right hand fork that leads in 100 yards to a small metal footbridge and follow the single track for 2 miles across the moors and a rocky descent, over a footbridge and to a gate onto the road.

Before the gate turn up the track on the right steeply. Stick closely to the wall and if you chose the right track at the top you'll arrive at a stile facing a crossroads. Cross straight across up the lane and a mile on at the bottom of a dip turn left, and 100 yards up the hill turn left again. Follow this tiny lane up the easy hill and at the first bend go through the stile and follow the faint track across the moorland to another stone stile.

After the stile pass through the gate on your left and follow the track to Matley Moor Farm. Straight on along the rough road and up a short climb brings you to a junction of bridleways with a large sign. Pass through the gate and turn left and follow the faint track across the hillside to arrive at a gate before a very steep but short climb. Follow this track which has been much improved but has a very fast, loose surface. The track ends and joins a narrow road that takes you down steeply to another road.

Turn right and after a few yards take a farm road (Heginbothams Farm) left and down to a bend with a small gate facing you. Through this gate and carry on down to join the road on the valley floor. Turn left and after 100 yards take the Sett Valley trail left back to Hayfield.

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